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In his book “The Apposable Mind” Roger Martin describes a context in which highly creative, problem-solving and entrepreneurially minded individuals exist.

While most of the world operates in a binary context (you are right or you are wrong, you are rich or you are poor, the colour is black or the colour is white), the creative problem-solving entrepreneur can effectively operate in a context where both are true at the same time (you are right and you are wrong, the colour is black and it is white, you are rich and you are poor). Entrepreneurs are forced to reconcile many dilemmas and apposable concepts on an ongoing basis.

Much of the press around entrepreneurship presents binary views, and complex ideas are stripped down to sexy titles and 240 characters.

Deep Dive is a series of thoughtful, layered, nuanced and authentic conversations that deal with day-to-day dilemmas that entrepreneurs experience.

Instead of clichéd soundbites, the presenters will engage in in-depth conversations about entrepreneurial dilemmas.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for some rah-rah motivation and a few tips then this is probably not the forum for you.

If you are a deep thinker and someone who wrestles with ideas and their practical application and manifestation in your entrepreneurial business then this is a series that is not to be missed.

Deep Dive is unashamedly highbrow, philosophical, authentic and practical.

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Episode 1: Checkers, chess or poker

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Deep Dive Series - Ep 2
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